Sunday, October 11, 2009

My Template | CD Wallet

Hi guys,
I thought I'd share a 3D craft for this post. My wonderful sister and her husband came over to visit us over a year ago now and we finally mangaed to complete a DVD momento of their time here in glorious Sydney. We normally send CD's and DVD's home of our adventures but this time (...and probably because its taken so long to get together) I decided to make them look a little bit more special by creating a pesronalised CD Wallet to send them in. I looked around for shop bought products but couldn't find anything suitable, so I decided to create my own.

When my sister received the DVD's she was absolutely thrilled with the packaging and its contents...aah!

So, considering I put a fair bit of effort into the DVD & template I thought I'd share it with all who might find it useful.

The template is plain, and is designed to fit onto standard A4 paper which makes it perfect for home printing. A few score lines, cuts with a craft knife, some double sided sticky tape and voila you have your very own customisable CD wallet. If you're handy with a graphics package (or even Word) then you can add a graphic, hand stamp, hand write or just print on some wacky paper.

Download CD Wallet Template by CraftBelle (PDF 1045 KB)

If you like the template and find it useful then please tell your friends, attribute and link back to me CraftBelle @

Please note: This template is for personal use only. Please do not share or distibute this file in digital or hard copy. Instead tell your friends to download it from my site directly.


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